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Sowing the Future!

Sowing the Future is a Swiss based initiative to raise awareness for biodynamic food and farming and to challenge the need for GM crops. Across Europe biodynamic farmers are inviting their local communities on to their farms to share in the archetypal experience of sowing a field of corn together.  People of all ages and interests come together to celebrate and to know that what they are sowing will later be eaten.

For the sowers it is a symbolic yet real act that links heart and soil together. Each participant has responsibility for some seed and can experience the wonder of sowing it out over the land in the company of many others, seeing it lightly harrowed out of sight and then returning a week or two later to see the field slowly greening. The opportunity is there to observe the crop throughout the season until it stands as ripened corn. At this point all are encouraged to return, join in the harvest and possibly even bake some bread to share.

For the farm it is a festival bringing together people from the surroundings and  engaging them with a farm activity. The often isolated farmer is able for one day to share his responsibility for planting one small field with the wider community while consumers can break out of their anonymity and consciously connect themselves for a season with a piece of the earth. Connecting them all is the home saved or specially bred biodynamic grain seed. Full of vitality and well adapted, it grows as an integral part of the living farm organism.

For Society it means acknowledging the importance of local food sovereignty. It also  sends out the strong message that GM crops are neither needed nor wanted and that biodynamic seeds offer a far better alternative.